Thursday, July 31, 2008

When Did You Stop Beating Your Wives?

It appears that the Integrity wing of TEC has moved on from accusing the African bishops of polygamy to accusing some bishops attending Lambeth of wife beating. In the Tuesday July 29 edition of the Lambeth Witness, the daily newsletter of the LGBT Anglican portal, (which is produced by Integrity), Bishop Catherine Roskam, from the Diocese of New York is quoted in the lead article as saying:
We have 700 men here. Do you think any of them beat their wives? Chances are they do. The most devout Christians beat their wives ... many of our bishops come from places where it is culturally accepted to beat your wife. In that regard, it makes the conversation quite difficult.


omarjj said...

I got an Idea. Since this lady know the inside scoop about wife beating in the anglican wolrd, how about protecting the victims and naming names?

Anonymous said...

I am assuming she'll never have a husband to beat her. Wonder if she came from a home where there was abuse - so she sees it everywhere. (Just wonderin')

Perpetua said...

Hi beryl2737,

Yes, it is our human nature to project out on to others based on our own experiences.

Also very human to wish to address the problems of the other rather than our own. (The old mote in the eye trick.)

I would like to see the TEC bishops address the appalling number of children born out of wedlock in our own country. (But I guess if you see husbands as wife beaters, it is hard to support heterosexual marriage formation.)

From here:

"In 2006, 38 percent of all births were to unmarried women, up from 37 percent in 2005. Between 1980 and 2006, the percentage of births to unmarried women rose sharply for women in all age groups. Among teenagers, the percentage rose from 62 to 92 percent for ages 15–17 and from 40 to 81 percent for ages 18–19. The percentage tripled for births to women in their twenties, from 19 to 58 percent for women ages 20–24 and from 9 to 31 percent for women ages 25–29. The percentage of births to unmarried women in their thirties more than doubled from 8 to 18 percent."