Monday, October 11, 2010

Scotland: Criticizing Public Gay Sex Now a Hate Crime

Police in Scotland have been ordered to stop any verbal taunting directed at people engaging in public sex.
An extraordinary new Hate Crime Guidance Manual has been handed to officers telling them to arrest anyone suspected of committing a hate crime against those engaged in ‘dogging’.

Although it notes that outdoor sex can have an ‘impact on the quality of life of people using these locations for leisure pursuits’ - for example dog walkers and tourists - the rights of those cottaging, cruising or dogging must be taken into account by officers.
It states that even though ‘outdoor sex is unlawful’, people who take part in it still have rights which protect them from becoming victims of hate crime.

The manual, issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers of Scotland last week, states that people who take part in open-air sex are ‘more susceptible to hate crime’ and can suffer ‘post traumatic stress and depression’ if they are abused, Police Review revealed.

Read it all in the Daily Mail.

Hat Tip Nicky Goomba

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"One Nation" Rally Trashes the Mall

"One Nation" sounds very public spirited. But their actions prove they do not take responsibility for their own behavior. We can judge a group by the trash they leave behind. People who are truly public spirited clean up their own trash. And if someone makes a mistake and litters, than those who follow will pick it up.

I noticed recyclable cans and lots of recyclable paper. These are not people who care about the environment.

These are freeloaders.

And guess what? These are people from organizations that want to "spread the wealth". Hmmm.

Friday, October 1, 2010

GZ Mosque Design Has Visitors Walking on Stars of David

The developers of the Ground Zero Mosque have released three architects images of the planned building. The design seems to be using the Star of David, a widely recognized symbol to represent the Jewish people and central element in the Israeli flag, as a design element. Notice how people will be walking on the Star of David. Click on the third image to get a close up.

I think this is a sign of disrespect. Would Muslims be comfortable walking on symbols of their own religion?