Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Golf Ball Walks On Water for Hole in One

Vijay Singh makes hole in one on practice round Tuesday at Augusta National Golf Course. Watch his ball bounce off the surface of the lake and onto the green, rolling back into the hole in this video by Andres Lopez.

As Bill Byler described it in the Augusta Chronicle:
A big roar erupted Tuesday afternoon when Vijay Singh made a hole-in-one at the par-3 16th hole -- by skipping his shot across the water.

Players often indulge fans by skipping their tee shots across the pond that guards the green, but Singh set a standard that is unlikely to be matched.

According to a tournament official, Singh's ball skipped across the water, hit the bank, landed on the green and rolled about 15 feet into the cup.

Playing partner Ken Duke teed it up after Singh, but he thought better of trying to match the 2000 Masters Tournament winner's feat and put his ball into his pocket.

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