Saturday, July 4, 2009

Anglican Church Forming in East Bay of San Francisco Area

UPDATE: Contact Information now available

A start-up Anglican church group is forming in the East Bay area to meet weekly for prayer, fellowship and bible study. The church will be called the East Bay Anglican Mission and be a part of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).

The East Bay Anglican Mission offers a community with a shared theology grounded in historical Christian beliefs as expressed in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer and the 39 Articles. Theologically compatible Episcopalians are welcome to attend along with their current church worship.

The East Bay Anglican Mission currently consists of people from the west side of the tunnel in the Berkeley / Oakland hills and people on the east side of the tunnel in Orinda / Moraga / Lafayette area and draws from the greater East Bay.

Dorothy Gager


The Underground Pewster said...

I wish them well. Let us pray that they be allowed to worship in peace and safety, and that they present a fruitful harvest to the Lord.

palaeologos said...

Um, hello? There are already continuing Anglican churches in Berkeley, Oakland, Concord, and Danville. Three of the four even have their own buildings.

Perpetua said...

Hi palaeologos,

Welcome. Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment.

I'd love to learn more about the churches to which you refer. Are they all part of one larger organization? Do you have a web link?

The group I refer to in this blog post is committed to a connection to the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). ACNA is in communion with many of the provinces of the Anglican Communion.

Are any of the churches to which your refer affiliated with ACNA?

Are any of them in communion with other provinces of the Anglican Communion?

If not, are they in the process of pursuing such connections?

palaeologos said...

Hi Perpetua--

The churches I listed are all part of the Anglican Province of Christ the King, a continuing church founded in 1978. The APCK is in communion with the Anglican Catholic Church and the United Episcopal Church of North America (both also established the same year, as part of the *original* Anglican Church in North America). These are the original Continuers, who split as the BCP revisions were being implemented.

Until ACNA takes a definitive stance against women's ordination and against the other theological distortions of TEC, it's unlikely that there will be anything more formal than a wish for good luck. We take our ecclesiology seriously; we cannot be in communion with churches that teach heresy or who are apostate. And though the Southern Cone is orthodox, it has not severed communion with the heterodox, so...

Perpetua said...

Hi palaeologos,

Are Licensed Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) permitted in the APCK?

palaeologos said...

We don't have LEMs--clergy distribute the elements at Communion.

Unknown said...

As a former Episcopalian and current believer (Plymouth Brethren), I am curious if there is a place for a fundamental bible believing person like myself in an Episcopalian or Anglican communion. I miss the order and reverence of the Episcopal church and would like to visit from time to time. Our services are much too familiar in my opinion. I recently attended my cousin's church (Episcopal) where he presides, and was put off by a switch to "she" from "he" in reference to God during the Apostles Creed. This is the kind of thing that would keep me away.