Thursday, June 17, 2010

Will Mitregate effect Episcopal funding of Anglican Communion Office?

Is Ruth Gledhill of The Times raising the possibility that the Episcopal Church may soon retaliate financially against the Anglican Communion Office (ACO) for the recent insult to the Presiding Bishop on the occasion of preaching and presiding at Southwerk Cathedral?

In her article in The Times, Gledhill notes:

Significantly, The Episcopal Church funds at least 40 per cent of the budget of the Anglican Communion Office, without which the Anglican Communion and its 38 provinces would be unable to continue as a coherent body.

And in her blog, Gledhill notes regarding the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church meeting in Baltimore:
Apparently the question of the ACO budget is one of the issues on the agenda this week...

The juxtaposition of the Archbishop of Canterbury's lines in the sand with the financial stakes serves to underscore the courage he is now demonstrating. And the difficult position the Secretary General of the ACO, Canon Kenneth Kearon, faces in his meeting with Executive Council.

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Andy said...

Funny, but I just opined on this very thought over on SF.
Its very possible that we're witnessing a move towards brinksmanship in the widening rift between the Episcopal Church and the greater Anglican Communion. In fact, I believe that the Southwark dust-up was a likely trigger.

Regardless of motive or trigger, the ABC and the ACO may soon find themselves in that hot place between conviction and fiscal reality. There, they'll make a choice that will have a far-reaching impact.