Friday, September 17, 2010

US Soldier Tells Al Jazeera TV of US Army Hate Campaign Against Islam

I'm surprised that military personnel have the right to do this. But even if they do, isn't what he told Al Jazeera here going to contribute to creating a climate of hate toward the USA in the Muslim world? Even if he had the right, why didn't the US Secretary of State, etc try to dissuade him against doing this, as they did the Quran burning in Florida?

He even claimed the opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque was opposing his right to build it. This is deliberately directed towards the Muslim world since the medium is Al Jazeera TV and the message is inflammatory. Imam Rauf said that the Ground Zero Mosque is potentially a bigger issue in the Muslim world than the Danish cartoons, and that Muslim people could explode with anger. (Rauf's language was avoidant, "anger could explode in the Muslim world", but we know that means Muslims could explode with anger.) Now we see this US soldier deliberately stoking that anger.

The Al Jazeera moderator pointed out to Klawonn that there is a mosque at the Pentagon and that the U.S. military presents itself as open to minorities and those who "suffer" in American society. Klawonn responded that his training in the U.S. Army was "propaganda against Islam."
"I think there’s a pretty big misconception of the reality of what’s going on in the military and what the mainstream media says," said Klawonn. "The reality is that there is a sense of Islamophobia and there is a big misunderstanding of the Islamic faith and that contributes to people’s negative notions coming into the military. Also the training we get and the information we are subject to constitutes propaganda against Islam.
"Unfortunately we are going through this right now,” said Klawonn. “I think this speaks volumes about us as a society right now. I mean, as an American citizen and a service member I see the opposition of American citizens to my right to build an Islamic community center near Ground Zero as a big slap in my face as a service member."

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