Friday, October 1, 2010

GZ Mosque Design Has Visitors Walking on Stars of David

The developers of the Ground Zero Mosque have released three architects images of the planned building. The design seems to be using the Star of David, a widely recognized symbol to represent the Jewish people and central element in the Israeli flag, as a design element. Notice how people will be walking on the Star of David. Click on the third image to get a close up.

I think this is a sign of disrespect. Would Muslims be comfortable walking on symbols of their own religion?

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fooburger said...

Could be a lot of hidden structure within a building of that kind of entropy. I can't believe planning would approve such an eyesore. Think I'd get a headache just looking at it from the street.
I *kinda* see where you're coming from.. the star-looking structure just beyond the escalator and then the star-looking structure at the top of the escalator?

Personally, I use toilet paper with the arabic inscription of 'Allah' imprinted on it. :)
(To anybody reading this... I'm *joking*... please don't kill me. I'm a simple person and I'm clearly no threat to anybody!)