Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Moveon.org Democrats' Shadow Figures UPDATE Featuring Episcopal Church

UPDATE: The credits include All Saints' Episcopal Church which is probably All Saints' Pasadena as the credit immediately above refers to Shelley Dudley, who is All Saints' Pasadena's Financial Administrator.
H/T to Stand Firm and News Busters

This is an amazing piece! Aren't they smug and superior.

It is so shockingly offensive it is a little risky. Anyone who is not on the Moveon.org side of any one of the issues is going to see his or herself parodied. I was particularly stunned by the insensitive way this cast those on the opposite of the right to life issue. And with 70% of the country against gay marriage, I'm surprised they featured that issue.

These are not really caricatures of Republicans so much as the shadows in the minds of the Moveon.org Democrats. Maybe it will get a few more of them to actually vote, but how many who do not belong to Moveon.org will it offend?

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