Friday, September 5, 2008

Three Things I Like About Palin for VP

1) We get to watch as the Republican men finally "get" sexism. This is their ticket and now they can see how women get so many cheap shots on issues that are never raised against men.

2) We get some role modeling as we watch this evangelical Christian family deal with teen pregnancy. Will the boy really marry the girl and be a role model for other teen Dads?

3) And I love to think that if McCain/ Palin win, we will get to how the family will handle the child care issues. Will we have a role model in the VP mansion of a macho guy as the "house husband"?


The Underground Pewster said...

And if the teen mom does not get married, will she and the baby qualify for Medicaid? If they get married will the baby be uninsured?

Perpetua said...

Is marital status related to Medicaid?
Is it that if the husband works and earns money, that counts against the family for Medicaid?