Thursday, May 29, 2008

Iraninan Converts to Christianity: Dreams, Visions, Signs and Wonders

Greg Griffith at Stand Firm posted a very interesting article from Fox News today about converts to Christianity in Iran. Greg's focus is on the growing crack down. But for me, the interesting part of the article comes after the part Greg selected. I am interested in the growing number of conversions.

The article ends just when it is getting interesting:
Marshall said these restrictive policies may be creating a backlash among Muslims. “There are indications that with the deep unpopularity of the regime that people are turning away from Islam,” he said.

“Seeing Muslims converting to Christianity is directly threatening to an Islamic regime,” said Moeller.

He compared these small groups of converts to early Christians living under the yoke of the Roman Empire, who met in secret and whose beliefs were “dependent on dreams, visions, signs and wonders.”

Because Bibles are rare in Iran and teachings are not "as dependent on the Bible as Evangelical Christianity in America is,” said Moeller, there is a “real lack of scriptural foundation."

But despite the growing pressure from the state, worshippers continue to practice, and Moeller said the house church system seems to be growing.

“We’ve got confirmed reports of groups of Muslim convert believers doubling in size in the last six months,” he said.
That's my bold on "dreams, visions, signs and wonders". There are many theologians (e.g. John MacArthur's book Charismatic Chaos) who believe that dreams, visions, signs and wonders were only for biblical times and the early church. But powerful dreams continue to be reported by a subset of converts and in this example.

It is sad that these people are do not have much access to the Bible. And awe inspiring that they are converting to Christianity despite the threat of death. I guess we should not be surprised that the Holy Spirit finds a way to reach them.

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