Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rating the Anglican Blogs for Readibility

Titus One Nine had a post from Costly Grace on blog readability ratings. This linked to a site that purports to test any blog address to see what level of education is required to understand the blog. I was intrigued and decided to get the rating for a few well known Anglican Blogs.

Some Conservative Blogs
Baby Blue Cafe Junior High School
Billy Ockham Genius
Creedal Christian Genius
Titus One Nine Genius
Midwest Conservative Journal High School
Stand Firm in Faith College Post Grad
Virtue On Line College Undergrad

Some Progressive Blogs
Anglican Scotist Genius
An Inch At A Time Junior High School
Father Jake Stops the World High School
My Manner of Life Junior High School
Sarah Laughed High School
Seven Whole Days Unable to Provide Results
Telling Secrets High School

I was pretty much random sampling among the blogs I knew. I am not claiming this pattern of results would still occur in a larger sample. But in this sample, it appears that the conservative Anglican blogs (and some of these are very popular blogs) require a greater intellectual engagement than the progressive Episcopal blogs.


Matthew said...

I think as far my blog goes, it's that I've been blogging economics lately. Economists are the only people more jargon ridden than attorneys.

Perpetua said...

Hi Matthew,
And what do you suppose explains Baby Blue's unfair rating? I was thinking that it might be the song lyrics she has been posting lately. They are deceptively simple, if one were just looking at the individual words.

Matthew said...

Bob Dylan writes elegant songs with very simple words. I think she may be on to something there. She may want to randomly use the word 'eschatological'.pr maybe 'numinous'. ;)

Bryan Owen said...

You do realize, Perpetua, that your blog's reading level is "genius"? Welcome to the club! :-)

BabyBlue said...

Okay, Matthew - we took you up on the challenge. Have now managed to get to High School. But for how long?