Monday, June 1, 2009

Berkeley Protesters Target Professor Yoo's House (Code Pink?)

The Berkeley Daily Planet had an announcement Neighborhood Alert: Berkeley Home to Possible War Criminal on Thursday inviting people to congregate in protest in front of a private home in the Berkeley hills Sunday afternoon. The announcement says that having this man live in the neighborhood is like having a child molester living in the neighborhood. They are targeting the UC Berkeley, Bolt Hall law professor who wrote the torture memos, John Yoo. (Hmmm, if this Wikipedia article on him is up to date, he is currently on sabbatical down in Southern California, so they are not really harassing him so much the neighbors and perhaps people to whom the house has been rented during the sabbatical.)

I understand why people are concerned about child molesters living in the neighborhood. They are worried about the molester getting a local child. But how is the crime of which they are accusing John Yoo of particular concern to the neighborhood? I don't think they have any legitimate reason to be taking this to his private home.

But they seem to plan to do this on a weekly basis on Sunday afternoons. Zombie has a great photo of the few who showed up this Sunday:

Something suspicious about the color scheme inspired me to post this old Daily Show piece with Ron Riggle and Code Pink:

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The Underground Pewster said...

They certainly are not worried about terrorists.

Thanks to Prof. Yoo and others the pinksters are free to trespass, protest, and deface private property.

Perpetua said...

Hi Pewster,

Thank you so much for that comment! Now I get it.

Of course, I didn't just post the old Daily Show video merely because of the possible Code Pink connection. I was seeing a tighter parallel. I almost said to especially watch the part starting at 3:10 minutes.

I was seeing a parallel with the protests against our military, and loved the way Ron Riggle exposed the ignorance of the Code Pink protester. She didn't understand that our military defends our country so that she could have the freedoms she was exercising.

So in a similar way here we have the law professor serving the country and protecting us from terrorist attacks and the protesters don't get how their freedom to protest is connected to what they are protesting against.

Love you.