Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dr. George Tiller: "Saint and Martyr"

The late-term abortion doctor George Tiller was called a saint and a martyr by the Very Rev. Katherine Ragsdale, president of Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts in an interview on Monday:
"This is about the loss of a man who was a saint and a martyr," she said in an interview before the service. "He was a prayerful man who put his life at risk to protect others and died for it. People are in shock, outrage and mourning. They need a place to go."

In the same Washington Times article a Jewish rabbi also called George Tiller a martyr but did not call him a saint:
Reconstructionist Rabbi Arthur Waskow of the Philadelphia-based Shalom Center said Dr. Tiller "joins the list of martyrs for ethical decency and human rights, killed for healing with compassion."

The rabbi said Dr. Tiller was "a religious martyr in the fullest classical sense, killed in his own church as he arrived to worship, killed for acting in accord with his religious commitments and his moral and ethical choices."

Here is the testimony of the one of the many woman for whom Tiller "put his life at risk to protect".

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BurrDeming said...

Dr. Tiller was killed by idealism. He encountered the most dangerous creature on earth: the man who knows that God is on his side.

Perpetua said...

Hi Burr Deming,

Yes, I am pointing out that the confidence that God is on one's side seems to be shared by both sides of the abortion debate. The president of the Episcopal Divinity School, the Rev. Dr. Ragsdale, seems to be sure that God is on the side of herself and Dr. Tiller, or she wouldn't have used the word "saint". Ragsdale+ has said that abortion is "a blessing". And Dr. Tiller seems to have had a chapel in his abortion facility.

It is hard for me to imagine that God would be on the side of the murderer of Dr. Tiller or of Dr. Tiller. Perhaps there is a place in Hell for murderers and they will share eternity together.

Pierce said...

Just like American politics, you think there are only 2 sides. Wrong.

Here is my side, I am on the Children's side. Women want to rule their own body, the can do that all they want until the moment of conception. Then they are a host for their baby, fetus, child, human or whatever you want to call it. They must take care of it just as if they had CPS watching over them. The good doctor who went to church to worship an almighty God who makes miracles every second, decided he could take a miracle away at his own hands. The Murderer, whether God fearing or not, took the same decision. The Abortionist, Pro-Choice Woman who choose to abort, and Murder are all the same in that they take a life to make their life better and God will punish them all. A sin is a sin is a sin. It is that Black and White.

Brian Richard Allen said...

BurrDeming said that the killer, Tiller, was killed by a man who knows that God is on his side.

Ironic, isn't it, given that the killer, Tiller, acted as if there is no God.

PONDERS: Wonder if the pro-baby-killers brigade would be as enthusiastic in their support of a man whose choice was to import and to keep, say, Africans, as slaves -- and sooner-or-later, this week or next, to brutally kill every one of them?


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