Sunday, August 24, 2008

Burning Man or Protest outside the Demo Con?

How to spend the last week of summer vacation? Progressive citizens of Berkeley have such a choice:
Protest with Code Pink in Denver outside the Demo Con, or
High Times in the Nevada Desert at Burning Man?

This year we had a great "How To" article in a local paper on bringing preschoolers to Burning Man by a woman who had done it last year, so don't let the children stop you:
We were at Burning Man. And I'll tell you straight: the reason I brought my preschooler to Burning Man is not that I'm some super-mom who never needs a break from her kid and doesn't love to party like a grown-up. It was because I wanted to go, and I didn't have any volunteers for a weeklong babysitting gig.

But how many more chances will they get to party in the streets of Denver as they protest the Iraq war with Cindy Sheehan? And what an attractive slogan -- recreate '68. That'll bring in the youth vote, I'm sure:
Most of the protesters were from the greater Denver area, including sisters Krista and Brooke Martinez, both students at Colorado State University. They were attending their first such protest.

"There isn't a lot of solidarity here. There isn't a lot of connectedness," said Krista, 21. Because of the police presence, she said, "the people have kind of been scared into not coming."

That wasn't true of Joe Brock, 55, a retired carpenter from Greenville, N.C., who hitchhiked to his first anti-war rally and was staying at a mission for the homeless. "I figured I'd just see what it was like," Brock said.


Doug P. Baker said...

What's the problem? My child was being bounced to sleep by the bass line that was shaking the earth, but, hey, he had a stuffed kangaroo! Why are you so Puritanical? Can't you see that the nerve damage that I was putting my kid through was more than compensated by his stuffed kangaroo? Besides, I wanted to go!

Perpetua said...

Hi doug p. baker,

The Declaration of Independence says that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So, what do we do when our children's lives get in the way of our pursuit of happiness?

I guess the answer is to take them along and give them a stuffed kangaroo.