Friday, August 22, 2008

Unitarians for Obama bumper stickers

I see Cafe Press has bumper stickers that read "Unitarians for Obama" with a great Soviet style rendition of Obama. See it also down in the U's on this alphabetical list from Cafe Press.

Hmmm, I wonder it there would be protests if another denomination tried the same thing with a Republican candidate?


24Independent said...

Perpetua, what is "Soviet Style" about that image of Obama?

Where is the Soviet flag, or anything Communist about it?

Perpetua said...

Hi 24independent,

I am referring to the Soviet propaganda posters from the 1920's through WWII. To me, the Obama poster looks like it is influenced by "Glory be to the people's heroes from Potemkin" from the 1920's "Staff makes all the difference" from 1935 and "Keep Quiet" from 1941.

This style is well known enough in my circle that it is used as a source of parody. For example, here is a parody of "Keep Quiet". This parody is relevant to people concerned about orthodox Anglican Christianity. The overall parody website references George Orwell and makes parallels with the situation in Anglican Christianity.