Tuesday, March 31, 2009

EDS Picks Lesbian Pro-Abortion Fundraiser for President and Dean

The Board of Trustees of the Episcopal Divinity School (EDS) has selected the Rev. Dr. Katherine Ragsdale to be the new President and Dean. In the announcement in Episcopal Life Online, the Rt. Rev. Thomas Ely, EDS trustee and search committee member is quoted citing Ragsdale's "development skills" and the Acting Academic Dean, Dr. Angela Bauer-Levesque, cites Ragsdale's "experience in fundraising". Of course, they cite her many other attributes as well, but this position is understood within academia to be primarily responsible for fundraising. And EDS, like many of the progressive Episcopal seminaries, is in desperate financial condition. For EDS the situation is so extreme that they sold off some of its buildings last year.

Ragsdale has demonstrated success as a fundraiser for her anti-Right Wing think tank Political Research Associates, as well as Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and other pro-abortion and gay rights groups. I guess this means that the Trustees of EDS see the sources of future dollars for the seminary coming from supporters of abortion and gay rights causes.

While I am concerned with the threat of radical Islam and Sharia Law, Ragsdale and her funders are concerned with the threat of a theocratic state coming from right wing Christians. It seems to me that Ragsdale is still living in the worldview of the time Margaret Atwood wrote The Handmaid's Tale, 1985. She seems to have missed the major event of the new century, 9/11.

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