Saturday, March 21, 2009

Training for Anti-Prop 8 "Civil Disobedience Action" March to Sacramento

I see that the same group who organized two "civil disobedience actions" in San Francisco last November, the blockade of Market Street on November 7, 2008 and the blockade of the freeway off ramp at Market and Octavia on November 15th, is now planning a "March to Sacramento" to begin this coming Wednesday March 25th. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are funding the action, perhaps from their most recent grant cycle.

No one from the group was arrested for the blockade of Market Street. However, 15 were arrested for the blockade of the freeway off ramp a week later. I think that the local chapter of the Lawyers Guild got them out of any penalties, though.

I am wondering what sort of "civil disobedience actions" are planned for the March to Sacramento. One of my spies has provided me with a more detailed plan than was posted on the website.

They had a "training" this Saturday and have another "training" planned for Monday and a press conference on Tuesday.

The kick-off rally is on Wednesday at Berkeley City Hall. They will be marching to Walnut Creek and staying at the Unitarian Universalist Church for Wednesday night.

Thursday they will march across the Antioch Bridge (civil disobedience action?) and spend the night in Brannon Island State Park.

Well, it goes on and on, arriving at the Sacramento Mall at 2pm Monday March 30th. On the website this is called "Sacramento Day of Action" In the materials provided to me, it says:
Opportunities for civil disobedience and lobby opportunities will be available but have not been organized by the March committee.
Hmmm, I wonder if the local chapter of the National Lawyers Guild had a hand in that language.

I do notice that the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild is holding a "Legal Observer Training" at USF on Tuesday. (Although the University of San Francisco is a Catholic institution, it is Jesuit run and permits promotion of gay activities on the campus.) The training is just in time for those who would like to serve as an "observer" for the March:
The primary role of legal observers is to monitor law enforcement and collect evidence during protests, demonstrations, strikes and other public political actions. Trainees will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with the National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.

I wonder what sort of training would necessitate the signing of a "Confidentiality Agreement"?

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Anonymous said...

Please find this urgent appeal by humanist NGO IHEAU to support freedom of expression, oppose "defamation of religions" at Durban II

If you know an organisation which might second it, please forward.

All they need to do is to send mail to Mr. Brown.