Saturday, March 14, 2009

San Francisco: Flash Mobs Leave Messes for City to Clean Up

San Francisco is now in its fourth year of "flash mob" public happenings and is starting to get tired of the clean up duty. The events are "spontaneous", organized by text messaging, on websites or word of mouth. Recent events have included January's Pants-less Bart Train Ride,

the Valentine's Day Pillow Fight at Justin Herman Plaza

and the March 5th Pie Fight at the Powell and Market Cable Car Turnabout.

They do look like they are having fun, and while some argue that this party spirit is good for tourism, the clean up is a problem.

The city says the cost of cleaning up after the pillow fight was $20,000. But it does gets the city international attention.


The Underground Pewster said...

The attention makes potential tourists like me stay away.

now said...

Some of the underwear dudes have nice butts! I'd go in public if my butt as good if all my friends were doing it!!! Hahah. :-)