Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thailand: Sharia Law for Southern Provinces?

Thailand's potential solution to end a five year insurgency in its predominately Muslim southern provinces bordering Malaysia includes "the partial application of Islamic Sharia Law through Islamic Courts" according to Voice of America News:
Policy review options include a specially elected local chamber of government, the partial application of Islamic Sharia Law through Islamic Courts and local administrative organizations based on Muslim community leadership. It also calls for security forces and government officials to be selected from the local Southern community or have language, cultural and knowledge of local customs and traditions before being posted.

Panitan says the empowerment of local communities and application of Sharia law is an option under consideration.

"They are in consideration already in the proposals," he said. "There are at least two different proposals - legislative proposals - proposed by the members of parliament [MPs]. We do not know what will be adopted by the parliament yet but yes - these are the considerations."

Hat Tip: Jihad Watch


The Underground Pewster said...
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The Underground Pewster said...

First GB, then swat, now Malaysia...

London calling...

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For after some consideration we can state
Consider yourself...
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