Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bark for Barak: Yes We Can

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This image is being sold by MetroDog as posters with the website address at the bottom

Rodchenko was a Soviet artist and the image is derived from this poster:

For a more serious discussion of the relationship between Obama poster art and Soviet poster art see here.

H/T to Zomblog

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Robert said...

Sister, that is just spooky! Actually both of 'em! Maybe I should have found a housetop to holler from at the time, but it did seem when the Soviet empire "fell," that it happened about when Marxist political philosophy had reached critical mass in the 'Free World' so it's not so much that the Socialist poison was removed from the wound at Moscow, but spread more widely through the rest of the world. If we remember history, how first the loosely-associated radicals took the Kremlin and murdered the Romanovs, then turned on each other to battle out who actually would run the show. Now we have a Socialist President-elect who has close ties with every Bolshevik, Anarchist, Trotskyite (Weather Underground, militantly homosexual, Black Liberationist, Muslim extremist...) and that's supposed to be a good thing. Lord, in Your judgment, show mercy!