Monday, November 10, 2008

Create Your Own Prop 8 Black List

(UPDATE Due to the large volume of traffic to this page, I wish to clarify my intent. I was appalled that the San Francisco Chronicle had provided this feature, but expressed it through sarcasm. Please see my more recent posts on the sidebar for ongoing coverage of blacklisting over Prop 8.)

I see the San Francisco Chronicle website has provided a nifty feature.
Search the database below to see who has contributed money to the campaigns supporting and opposing California's Proposition 8, which would ban same-sex marriage.

To perform a narrow search, enter a person's name below and click the "Search" button. For a broader search, select from one or more of the drop-down menus to see a list of contributors by state, city and ZIP code.

Just think of all the fun they will have:
Create your own black list
Sort by zipcode to decide which neighbors' houses to egg


Jodi said...

I think its disgusting you would even consider putting this on a "spiritual" site......what a way to perpetuate hate....

Perpetua said...

Hi jodi,

My tone was sarcastic. My regular readers know that I am very upset about the blacklisting going on in California over Prop 8.

But I will update this page to clarify my position.