Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

I was at a "church" on Sunday that did not acknowledge Veteran's Day. There were veterans in the congregation and some members of the congregation have children in the military now. But the minister chose to ignore this.

The minister devoted his sermon to his disappointment that Proposition 8 had passed. He wanted his mother to approve of his same-sex relationship. He thought that if his relationship were a legal marriage, she would have to finally approve.

Well, he possibly acknowledged Veteran's Day in a negative way in the choice of a closing hymn. He had chosen Down By the Riverside with the refrain "I ain't gonna study war no more". I was sad because I am so grateful for the US military. When I read about the Shariah Law being imposed in Somalia and Iran, I am so grateful to the US military for studying war so that they can protect our freedoms.


Anglican Beach Party said...

You mean, his disappointment that Proposition 8 did pass ... right?

I like your blog.

Perpetua said...

Hi Anglican Beach Party,

Thank you! I fixed it.

And I'm glad you like my blog. Your blog is awesome. I love the music videos.

Tregonsee said...

When attending such a "church," there is nothing which forces you to either remain, or in truly extreme cases, remain silent.

Perpetua said...

Hi Tregonsee,

I was visiting with an elderly relative. For me to leave the church or speak against what had happened would have been offensive.