Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No on Prop 8 Ad Accuses LDS Church of Taking Over Government

This new anti Prop 8 ad shows LDS missionaries invading a house, rifling through drawers, etc. and concludes with them leaving the house with these final words:
LDS missionary 1: "That was too easy."
LDS missionary 2: "Yeah, what should we ban next."
Then the voiceover says, with matching words on the screen: "Say no to a church taking over your government. Vote NO on Proposition 8."

Courage Campaign
has this to say about the new ad:
"No on Prop 8: Home Invasion" (60 seconds): A provocative people-powered netroots-produced TV ad that we will be airing on CNN, MSNBC and Comedy Central in selected markets on Election Day. Two of our friends in the progressive movement -- netroots activists and brothers Dante Atkins and David Atkins -- produced this 60-second ad that satirically skewers the Mormon Church's dictation of public policy to Californians. It has been featured on Daily Kos, AmericaBlog, Calitics, and Wonkette in the last 48 hours, garnering tens of thousands of views.

Thank you to A. S. Haley, the mind behind the Anglican Curmudgeon website, for the email alerting me to this outrageous ad and directing me to the Hedgehog Blog.

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