Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Black Pastor Says Gays Take Our Language and Add New Meanings

I found this in an articla on a protest in Salinas California against the passage of Prop 8:
The Rev. Chauncey Killens, an associate minister at Soul Church of God and Christ in Prunedale, carried a sign saying "Adult with Child Sex is Okay." Killens said he was trying to show the "natural progression" of what might happen if the state allows gay marriage.

Killens said he believes gay people should be treated humanely, but he opposes what he calls "special rights," such as gay marriage.

Proposition 8 is not a civil rights issue, said Killens, who is black.

"They keep taking our language and adding new meanings," said Killens, referring to the black civil rights movement. "They keep hijacking our terms."

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The Underground Pewster said...

The Pastor is correct. As the Curmudgeon described rights vs privileges yesterday, I would think that Civil Rights are "rights," marriage is a "privilege."