Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dan Kliman #5 : Did He Have His Cell Phone?

Joe Ezkenazi, the San Francisco Weekly reporter who has been covering the death of Dr. Daniel Kliman in a fall down an elevator shaft at the Sharon Building, has gone over to the Sharon building to test if his cell phone would work in an elevator. He says
While I was able to place a cell phone call out of the Sharon Building elevators, the manager told me that service is "hit or miss."

I have seen nothing in the media on whether Dan Kliman had his cell phone with him. We do know his laptop was found at the scene as well as significant cash. But did he have his cell phone?

Certainly if he had his cell phone, he would have called someone before going through the scenario the police have hypothesized. When someone I know got stuck in an old elevator in the downtown area of San Francisco a while ago, she used her cell phone and called for help. Then she decided she should call 911. The SF fire department came and had the elevator open in about 45 minutes.

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