Sunday, December 7, 2008

So Much for Mandatory Reporting of Child Rape

Here is the video from Indiana of the Planned Parenthood nurse coaching a pregnant 13 year old how to avoid the law requiring her 31 year old boyfriend be reported for child abuse and how to avoid the parental consent laws in Indiana.

Watching this made me cry. Prop 4 for parental consent lost in California in November. But even if it passed, it would not have worked with dedicated professionals like this taking matters into their own hands.


The reporter for the Washington Times, Victor Morton writes:
The nurse, who is referred to on the video as "Diana" but whose face is blurred out, knew neither that the session was being taped nor that "Brianna" really was Miss Rose, a 20-year-old pro-life activist at UCLA.

Kudos to to Lila Rose and the other pro-life activists at UCLA who did the great undercover work to expose this.

Hat Tip to dpulliam at Get Religion


BillyD said...

It boggles the mind how an adult could justify not reporting what is, as far as she knows, a clearcut case of statutory rape. What in the world could motivate her to do so? Is she afraid that reporting the rape would have a chilling effect on girls coming forward for "counseling"? What possible justification might she have?

Perpetua said...

Hi BillyD,

Well, Planned Parenthood's mission is family planning and reproductive rights (i.e., the right not to reproduce). There is nothing in the PP mission about protecting girls or women from abusive relationships. So, since this girl did not plan to have a child, the PP mission is to help her exercise her right not to reproduce, and not get sidetracked into anything that might keep the girl from exercising her right not to reproduce.

Your idea makes sense that maybe the nurse thought that reporting the girl's pregnancy to either her parents or Child Protective Services might "get around" and keep other girls from coming forward to exercise their reproductive rights, ie, to not reproduce, ie, to have an abortion.

I think the flaw in Planned Parenthood's mission is that there is nothing about protecting girls or women from abusive relationships. Many of the women in the pro-life movement had abortions they regret. They had abortions because the men in their lives wanted them to have them. If Planned Parenthood could accept that reality and try to help women deal with these abusive situations, maybe there would be a lot less abortions and a lot less pro-life activists.