Friday, December 5, 2008

More on the Peculiar Case of Dr. Dan Kliman, M.D.

Since my first post on this case, the San Francisco Chronicle has reported that "a task force including officers from the department's hate crimes and homicide units has been formed to look into Kliman's death."

And one of Dan's patients, who maintains the blog CFS Warrior, has posted some information that indicates Dan had had an unusual experience a few days before his death that "rattled" him and caused "a little red flag to go up about" his safety:
Dr. Kliman shared with me that he had been to the Israeli consulate the week prior to 11/20. I don't know what day it was. He said that as he pulled up on his bike a man suddenly came up to him put his face next to Dr. Kliman's and said "Dan?" Dr. Kliman didnt' know who the guy was, said he looked American, and when he said yes I'm Dan, the guy broke out in fluent Hebrew or Arabic (I can't remember). Dr. Kliman said he's been to the consulate many, many times and this had never occurred before. He was a little rattled that the man knew who he was but Dan didn't recognize him. This occurred outside the consulate.

When Dr. Kliman entered the consulate he was searched and his computer, ipod, cell phone were all put in a secured area. He was very surprised this and said this had never happened before.

He wasn't so concerned about what occurred at the consolute-very puzzled by it since it was something that had never occurred before but he was rattled by the man who approached him outside the consulate. Dr. Kliman was not easily rattled by anything. A little red flag went up about his safety.

Of note, the man did not accompany Dr. Kliman into the consulate. Could it be that the consulate saw words exchanged between Dr. Kliman and this man and decided to increase their security? Or maybe it wasn't related at all. Maybe the increase in security measures taken by the consulate were just coincidence.

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