Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lawsuit says abortionist made mom watch 'murder'

The pro-life Thomas More Society is supporting a woman who sought an abortion in her wrongful death suit against the abortion clinic. The mother, Sycloria Williams, went to the clinic for her appointment and was given a drug to induce labor by the receptionist. She eventually went into labor and gave birth to a 23 week old live baby girl. The suit alleges:
Plantiff Sycloria witnessed the live birth and suffering of her daughter as she struggled for life in pain, moving and breathing on the recliner
. She witnessed Belkis Gonzalez enter the room and knock the live baby from the recliner seat where she had given birth to the floor. She then witnessed the murder of her daughter by Belkis Gonzalez before her eyes, as Belkis Gonzalez picked up a large pair of orange shears and cut the umbilical cord connecting mother and daughter. Belkis Gonzalez did not clamp the baby's umbilical cord allowing the baby to bleed out and also threw or by some accounts literally swept the breathing live child into a biohazard bag to suffocate and bleed to death. There are reports that Belkis Gonzalez also placed a caustic chemical in the bag with the live baby.

I don't understand why it is OK to kill the baby if it is in the mother's womb, but murder to kill the same baby once it is born. The Thomas Moore Society is trying to make a slightly different point:
Thomas More Society took an interest in the case when a local law school professor was quoted in The Miami Herald to the effect that if the baby wasn't "viable," then it "couldn't be a case of homicide."

"This case will trumpet to the world that abortion clinics are places of barbarism where mothers as well as their babies are at serious risk," says Brejcha. "Moreover, this case should put some sharp teeth into the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. As we struggle to end the scourge of legal abortion in this country, we must hold the line against infanticide!"

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GrannyGrump said...

Something to keep in mind amidst all the outrage: Things like this are literally an everyday occurrence. The strange and shocking aspect is merely that it's being reported, talked about, and perhaps might even lead to prosecution.