Monday, January 19, 2009

After Losing Virginity at 14, Commited to Abstinence

Here's the first person account of an English girl who is now a youth leader.

‘I was just 14 when my boyfriend and I decided to have sex. It wasn’t as if it had been an impulsive decision. After all, we’d wanted to wait, but after nine months we gave in, thinking it was the right thing to do. My boyfriend was a year older than me and both of us felt at the time that waiting nine months was commendable. It didn’t occur to us that we were too young to deal with the emotional consequences.

At school the teachers were already showing us how to put condoms on bananas, and we all thought everyone else was having sex. Personally, I thought the idea of someone reaching the age of 18 and still being a virgin was a myth.

Our sex education teacher didn’t make things any better, saying: “It’s illegal for you to have sex before you’re 16, but we all know you’re going to do it anyway.”

Those words echoed around my head on leaving that class. I wanted it to stop – the pressure, the overwhelming sense of what I had always considered to be right and wrong was becoming blurred.

Meanwhile, at my close friend Christine’s school, a supply personal and social education teacher had just told her and her friends that it’s a myth to think that nobody’s doing it. “Most people who say they’re having sex are having sex,” she stated quite categorically.

Now we are all being told about the physical consequences of sex, but not the emotional consequences. The physical can often be cured but the emotional consequences stick around a lot longer. If only someone had told me then what I know now.

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Dr.D said...

Our "oh so wise" Congress has determined (at least many of its leaders have determined) that abstinence does not work, so they are prepared to authorize much more explicit sex education in our US public schools. Could they possibly learn anything from this young woman?

No, I don't think so; they are way too dense! They seem certain that teenage pregnancies are the direct result of abstinence (has nobody explained to them about the birds and the bees?).

What they simply cannot comprehend is that it is the LACK of abstinence that leads to pregnancies, STDs, AIDs, and you name it. This is a concept that iss just too complex for most legislators to handle. Most of them are Dems, and the idea that a value judgment would be required is way too much for them to handle. They live in the moment (see how they spend our money like drunken sailors!), and assume that everyone else must do likewise.