Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Inaugural Prayer by Rick Warren


The Underground Pewster said...

Rick Warren wins the battle of the inauguration preachers.

Hmmm...maybe someone will come up with a new television contest, "Prayers With the Stars?" That might be just what Hollywood needs.

Perpetua said...

What a great idea.

We should play the prayers at the Inauguration side by side for comparison.

I think Rev. Lowery's was marred by the use of the racist rhyme at the end of his. And Bishop Robinson's was marred from the beginning by his reference to LGBT people. Both Robinson and Obama took advantage of the platform to advocate for specific causes and constituencies at the expense of being divisive.

Resident said...

Unfortunately not all in the audience understand what that a prayer is not a speech to be cheered nor a joke to be laughed at.

And note the booing at the start of this prayer. Seems some are more "diverse" than others.

Perpetua said...

Hi Resident,
Yes, Warren was not well received when he began. But by the end of the prayer he seemed to have them with him.