Saturday, January 10, 2009

Denmark: Muslims force Jews from schools

From Tuesday's Copenhagen Post we learn that school administrators cannot accept Jewish children in their schools due to their inability to control the potential for violent behavior of their Muslim students. Well, you read this and see if that is what you think it means:

Barbed-wire fences and security guards are a regular part of many Jewish childrens' school day

A number of school administrators have come forth in recent days to confirm that they recommend Jewish children should not enrol at their schools.

According to school administrators, law enforcement officials and social workers, the on-going conflict in Gaza has led to heightened tensions between Jews and Arabs - particularly Palestinians - here in Denmark.

And although few headmasters of schools have faced the situation, most of those at schools with a high percentage of children of Arab descent say they try to prevent Jewish parents from enrolling their children there.

On Monday, headmaster Olav Nielsen of Humlehave School in Odense publicly admitted he would refuse Jewish parents' wish to place their child at his school.

The comments were made following an incident last week in which two Israeli citizen's were shot and wounded at a city shopping centre. Police believe the incident was a reaction to the Gaza conflict.

Other headmasters have now come forth to support Nielsen's position, adding that they are putting the child's safety first.
This sounds like the fear is for the Jewish child, not the Arab children. So although they used the words "heightened tensions between Jews and Arabs", it doesn't sound like this is a case of each side threatening the other.
At Caroline Skole in Copenhagen's Østerbro district, video cameras watch over the playground and entrances of the school, which is surrounded by a 2.5 metre-high barbed-wire fence.

One parent whose child goes to the Jewish school said thinking about the extra security can be disturbing at times, but she felt it was necessary.
It sounds like the Jewish children all go to a Jewish school surrounded by a barbed-wire fence, while Muslim children are free to enroll where they please?

Rabbi Bent Lexner called the headmasters' concern 'theoretical. In reality, Jewish parents would never try to enrol their child in those schools.'
Yes, the Muslims have made it so dangerous for Jewish children in the public schools, no Jewsih parent would dream of enrolling them there.

Hat Tip Women Against Shariah, Varlden Idag


BillyD said...

I'm a little shocked that public school administrators are allowed to take anybody's religion into account for admissions purposes.

Although the rabbi quoted is right in that no Jewish parent in their right mind would send their child to such a school, and therefore the prohibition is merely theoretical, I have met crazy liberal Jewish parents who might very well enroll their kids in a mostly-Muslim school in order to establish their progressive bona fides.

IftikharA said...
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Perpetua said...

Hi IftikharA,
I am sorry I had to delete your comment, but it was because about Britain rather than Denmark and made no reference to the post.