Friday, January 2, 2009

Another Mosque Storing Bombs is Bombed in Gaza

This is really sad. You can see the mosque building clearly in the video. And at 0:10 you can see the secondary explosion that indicates a large cache of explosives was stored in the mosque.

Either Hamas has desecrated the mosque by storing bombs there or Islam allows bombs to be stored in mosques.

The text up at YouTube reads:
The Israel Air Force launches a precision strike against weapons hidden in a Gaza mosque on 1 Jan 2009. The secondary explosion caused by the ignition of the weapons cache proves the deliberate use of a place of worship as a military facility. Hamas uses the Palestinian people as human shields and exploits religion in its brutal campaign against innocent civilians.

Hat Tip to LGF again


Dr.D said...

I would not be surprised if bombing a few mosques in the US would have similar results. World wide, izlam is out to conquer everyone else, and force and violence is their preferred method.

izlam is a violent political organization masquerading as a religion. The Israelis have the right approach to this problem and they must continue until they have wiped them all out.

BillyD said...

Well, now the IDF seems to be doing the Islamists' job for them: they bombed the American International School in Gaza because it had been used as a base to launch rockets. If you google the school you'll come up with a lot of articles about an attack last year by a group called the Holy Jihad Army or somesuch, who objected to the perceived ties between the US and the school, its coed facilities, and general non-medievalism.