Monday, January 5, 2009

Gaza Market Bombing Mystery: Part 2

Yesterday we saw that video posted of the alleged Israeli bombing of a vegetable market in Gaza City was a fraud. However, two major newspapers were carrying reports that the market had been bombed. Now Snapshots: a Camera Blog has raised questions whether the still photos from Reuters of the people hurt in the alleged bombing are faked.

Two Reuters photos of the people hurt and killed in the alleged market bombing seem to have one man in a medium brown jacket apparently performing different roles in each photo:

Here he is acting the role of a wounded Palestinian being carried to the hospital:

and here the same man appears to be fine and acting the role of a grieving family member:

Maybe it is not the same man? Or maybe the market was bombed but the photo shoots were staged? Little Green Footballs says:
We should not forget that every television image and every news photograph coming out of Gaza right now is filtered through Hamas. The photographers filing pictures for Reuters, Associated Press, and Agence France Presse are all Palestinians, and all propagandists for Hamas—or they wouldn’t be allowed to take pictures in Gaza.

So how can we know if the Gaza City market was really bombed?

Hat Tip to Little Green Footballs


Joe said...

It was the Israeli Army that physically blocked all Journalists and Media from entering Gaza as these Zionist Scum went on their Murder Spree, slaughtering Over a thousand Palestinians and destroying Schools, Hospitals, Mosques and even bombing the United Nations Headquarters and food distribution sites while also shooting at ambulances and relief trucks.
The only News Media in Gaza was the Arab media, in particular Al-Jazeera, who did a great job covering the news, which you could watch on Al-Jazeera's English Satellite Channel.
If people have a problem with lack of News Coverage during this conflict, they should blame the Israelis, who are the ones who kept the media, (so that they could commit war crimes without any Western media witnesses).

Perpetua said...

Hi Joe,

You have clearly been affected by misleading propaganda masquerading as news. I notice you using slanted language like "Zionist Scum" and "Murder Spree". I also notice you seem to be unaware that Hamas had taken over some of the hospitals and was using them to launch rockets and that Hamas was keeping weapons in the mosques.

I suggest you widen the sources you access for information.