Monday, January 5, 2009

Holy Redeemer Targeted as Anti-Gay

The Anti-Prop 8 vandals hit Holy Redeemer this weekend. Remember Holy Redeemer San Francisco, the Catholic Church in the Castro District that had some of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence taking Mass when Archbishop George Niederauer was visiting?

Yes, that Holy Redeemer got targeted with this:

According to the San Francisco Chronicle:
A priest walking his dog early Sunday outside the church at 100 Diamond St. found the black swastikas and angry messages about Proposition 8, the state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage that voters approved in November, a church employee said Monday.

(I guess you have to live in San Francisco to realize that "Where is the love?" is an angry message about Prop 8.)


The Underground Pewster said...

A curious way of asking the "where is the love" question.

Funny how the word verification for this comment was "colic."

Perpetua said...

Hi Underground Pewster,
Yes, one might wonder if the "Where is the love?" question is directed to the person who wrote the graffiti above it with the swastikas. However, all the graffiti appears to be written by the same person.

Dr.D said...

The love is precisely where it has always been: in telling people that the wages of sin is death. There is nothing loving at all about being accepting of sinful behaviour. Perhaps these folks have not heard it, but the gay life leads to all sorts of serious disorders from AIDS to broken personalities all in this world before we get to what it leads to in the next. The love consists in telling people that they can be forgiven and come away from this sinful life, but that they have to take the action to make that choice. That is the love. I expect that they are not likely to hear it; they are too busy ranting and rutting.