Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1st Graders' Field Trip to Lesbian Wedding

The 1st graders of a San Francisco public charter school had a field trip to see their lesbian teacher marry her sexual partner. Please click here to watch the video on the San Francisco Chronicle website. (If anyone knows how I can embed this, please let me know.)

The Mayor of San Francisco is officiating and the children are participating by throwing flower petals as their teacher comes down the steps of City Hall. This is a public funded educational field trip during the school day.

The article is here.


The Underground Pewster said...

This is sad but contains this priceless statement,

"How many days in school are they going to remember?" asked parent Marc Lipsett. "This is a day they'll definitely remember."

Okay, so what will they remember?

"Marriage, 6-year-old Nolan Alexander said Friday, is 'people falling in love.'"

Fair enough answer from a 6 year old.

"It means, he added, 'You stay with someone the rest of your life.'"


There you have it, the future is now. Nothing about having children. I suppose there will be plenty of time at puberty for them to learn about that.

Robin said...

What a really sweet gesture and a lovely video.

These children are the future - they will grow up knowing love, tolderance, acceptance of difference and remembering two beautiful women getting hitched.

The only sad thing I can see here is the uptight harrumphing by dreary commentators who just want to stamp on people's happiness.

Perpetua said...

Hi Robin,

This relates to an upcoming vote in California on Proposition 8. People who support gay marriage argue that children will not be taught in school about marriage. This video is proof that the argument is false.

While you see nothing wrong with the video, many parents do not want their children confused by claims that homosexual sex is equivalent to heterosexual sex.