Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prop 8 Opponents Vandalize Cars in Chino Hills

UPDATE: I have been wondering if this one is for real. The typical vandal who opposes Prop 8 writes "bigot" or "hater" to castigate the offender. Also, those who oppose Prop 8 are more likely to use language of "equality" or "dignity". "Gay Sex is Love" seems suspicious to me. I hate to say this as I support Prop 8.

Residents displaying Yes on 8 signs in Chino Hills have had their cars marked with pro gay sex messages. (Chino Hills is in Southern California near Orange County.) According to One News Now:
Prop. 8 signs were stolen from the yard of one family belonging to the church, and graphic messages were scratched into their two cars. The vandals keyed "Gay Sex is Love" into the car's paint, while also writing other degrading phrases in permanent marker "all over both vehicles." Additionally, the delinquents broke off an antenna on one car and bent the back windshield wiper on the other.

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Ryu238 said...

I just checked this picture. You lie
It had nothing to do with prop 8. I demand real photo evidence for all your claims.