Monday, October 27, 2008

Now Vandalism? Prop 8 Opponents Getting Desperate

The opponents of Prop 8 are getting more aggressive. Before they were just stealing the Yes on Prop 8 signs, or changing the signs to read No. But now they are spray painting other property of those advocating Yes on Prop 8. Here is a story about a trailer that was spray painted. And here is one about a garage door that was spray painted.

The opponents of Prop 8 are showing their true colors. And it doesn't look like a rainbow to me. It looks like they don't respect freedom of speech or the political process.


The Underground Pewster said...

The link to the trailer story did not work.

emily said...

awesome post!

The state of California allowing same-gender marriage may seem progressive to some– –but what it says to me is that the state of California sanctions a relationship that does not best serve children.

While no heterosexual parents are perfect, and some situations are down right abusive and traumatic, the response is not to eliminate a child’s right to a mom and a dad. The response is to better educate, better encourage, better help parents be better.

While a lesbian couple or a gay couple may provide a stable home, love, and support to a child. By definition, a same-gender marriage cannot provide them a mom and a dad. Every child has the right to a mom and a dad.

Society should sacrifice for the health and well being of its children.

This is why I am voting “yes” on prop 8 (on my absentee ballot).

Perpetua said...

Hi underground pewster,
I think it is working now.

Perpetua said...

Hi emily,

I agree with you. It is about the children.

The arguments based on the rights of the adults to marry falls flat for me. It sound narcissistic.

So I am not really surprised that the same people who argue for their own rights would blatantly disregard the rights of others by spray painting their property. Because it wasn't really about "rights" after all, it was about the narcissistic me, me, me.