Friday, October 24, 2008

More on Prop 8 and Blacklisting

Following up on yesterday's post, there is a "blacklist" at Californians Against Hate that has a two page list of donors giving $5,000 and up to the California Marriage Amendment which they call the Dishonor Roll.The list is based on the required material filed with the state, but has been augmented with contact information and other information if known.

The Protect Marriage group appears to be considering publicizing a list of its own -- the 35 public companies that have made major donations to the opponents of Prop 8. This would include Pacific Gas and Electric, Levi Stauss and AT&T. Protect Marriage sent these 35 companies a letter that indicated they would be exposed to the public unless they made a balancing contribution to Protect Marriage. Now Protect Marriage is being accused of extortion. I guess it would have been better to just pass on the list to a friend to publish under the name of an anonymous group.

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