Friday, October 31, 2008

Prop 8 Opponents Graffiti Cars for 4 Blocks in San Bernardino County

Yucaipa is in San Bernardino County in Southern California> ABC News reports:
Many residents between 5th St. and 6th St. in Yucaipa found their property had been targeted by unwanted visitors with paint cans, and a possible political motive.

"We woke up this morning and we just had paint on all of our cars and fences. It was on everything. It was bright orange -- beautiful paint," said Yucaipa resident, Dawn Antinucci.

The same political message was painted on a number of vehicles, garages, fences, and on "Yes on 8" signs.

The Antinucci's were angered but not swayed.

"We know what the Lord tells us about this prop. We will be doing what we know is to be true," said Antinucci.

If the graffiti was politically motivated the painters made a big mistake. That is the opinion of Garrett Davis. He is not a supporter of Prop 8.

"Especially in this town. This town is a highly conservative Republican town. To do this is even more radical, because you are just going to persuade the people who are on the line to vote yes anyways. Why would you ever do that? It is just horrible," said Davis.

The vandalism is the talk of the neighborhood and the subject of a sheriff's department investigation.

"Just to thinking that someone has vandalized our home, wow. Someone is obviously angry and upset. What is next? Are they going to destroy more of our property? Is this going to escalate? Anyone would think and be concerned about that," said a concerned resident.

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