Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Harassment of Prop 8 Supporters in Davis

More problems for supporters of Prop 8 in another California college town -- Davis, the town just west of Sacramento that houses the University of California at Davis campus. This article from the California Aggie begins with a discussion of the usual (sign thefts and keying of cars in front of houses displaying Yes on 8 signs) but goes on to report some opponents of Prop 8 "went so far as to pretend to support Prop 8 and took 100 signs and dumped them" and another group hit the the Yes on 8 table located on the UC Davis Quad with water balloons while yelling "you teach hate,". The article ends:

"I think yelling 'you teach hate' and exhibiting hate isn't the coolest thing in the world, especially at a university," he said. "People feel very passionately about Prop 8 and they are letting it get the best of them. Unfortunately they're weakening the stance of their argument by acting hypocritically."

Meirovitz and wife Jo Lynn have since replaced their Yes on 8 signs with a homemade sign made of plywood, attached to a tree in their front yard with a bike lock, a sign that they will not forfeit their right to free speech anytime soon.

Representatives from the No on 8 campaign did not respond to requests for information regarding sign theft or vandalism on their side.

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